Wednesday, November 19, 2008



Neverknowsbest said...

Your pictures are very original in the way they are different in how they represent things... but I do not have a certain clue about what they represent or how they represent it.

Do not misunderstand me, I am not criticising them in a bad way, I think they are cool and exclusive, but a bit of help in understanding the world they are part of would help.

Anyway, sorry for my comment. Good luck and keep the good work!

Have a nice week!

James said...

That's ok, it's a valid comment. I like to leave it vague though and up to the viewer to interpret what the pictures mean (that is if they mean anything at all). The basic idea of this blog is to find new things in other images, or to draw attention to things that other's perhaps haven't noticed.
At the momment 't2' and 't3' are about the ocean, but they are just photographs of TV static that I noticed looked similar to the ocean in parts. But that is just my idea of what the images represent and I am quite happy to hear other peoples responses as they might think of something better.

Thanks for the comment.